Our Founder

Grzegorz Laska


"Our entire history is a proof that the love for animals combined with the scientific passion and enthusiasm of the team allows us to create extraordinary and unique things on a global scale. Our ambition is to change the animal world for the better. Science and empathy – this is our essence."

Our story


Vet Expert products are distributed to over 40 countries around the world. Today we cooperate with 43 distributor partners on 4 continents: Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Thanks to our global network we are close to our Customers all over the world.


VET PLANET knowledge and over 15 years of experience in nutrition of animals were utilized to launch our first pet food brand: RAW PALEO. A year later, RAW PALEO received a EUROPEAN QUALITY CERTIFICATE®.

We expanded distributor network to more countries: Germany, Spain and Taiwan. Opening of our first subsidiary in Czech Republic.


Professional market research done by TNS Global reseach company confirmed that VetExpert is No.1 recommended brand by veterinarians in the supplement category.

First edition of the scientific and veterinary journal "Veterinary Life" is being published, both Polish and English.