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Prof. Michał Jank

Head of R&D

"Product quality starts at the planning stage. The formulations of our dietary supplements, diets and pet food are developed by specialists in pet nutrition with outstanding clinical and academic experience."

Our innovations

Our contribution to the global veterinary industry is 10 unique projects, and we are constantly working on new ones:

Twist-off capsules

The 1st in the world adaptation of Twist off technology to veterinary pet products. The unique, extremely palatable and convenient dosage formula of the twist-off capsules: is considered the friendliest form of supplementation by veterinarians and caregivers.

All our products comply with the standard GMP practice (Good Manufacturing Practice).


The 1st in the world introduced product blocking prolactin secretion in the brain, based on completely natural substances, intended for female dogs with pseudo pregnancies.


VetExpert dietary supplements are distinguished by original and innovative recipes, created by experts. In RenalVet, we were the first in the world to introduce a phosphorus chelator for dogs with chronic renal failure, which also contains active vitamin D.


The 1st in the world commercial product for male dogs.  It improves semen parameters. VetExpert’s own research shows that its use for a period of 2 months increases the number of produced sperm by about 20-30%.

Veterinary Diets

We are undisputed experts in the field of animal nutrition  – we were the 1st Polish company to create our own veterinary diets for dogs and cats, offered internationally. Our foods have unique compositions that will help even the most demanding dogs and cats to recover.

Rapid Diagnostics

We are the only Polish company with own diagnostic products utilized in rapid diagnostics. Rapid tests enable quick and precise diagnosis in the case of tick-borne diseases, allergies, respiratory diseases, diarrhea and diseases of the reproductive system.

In proceed

Effective diagnostics. Currently, in veterinary medicine, the emphasis is on improving the diagnostic process and avoiding unnecessary administration of antibiotics. In line with this trend, our team of scientists constantly develop new diagnostic tests.

Mastitis in cows

Unique project on a global scale which is aimed to develop the world’s first rapid test for the detection of mastitis pathogens in cows.

Lymphoma in dogs

Even 30% of cancers in dogs are lymphoma or leukemia. We developed simple and rapid test which differentiates causes of the disease and helps to define the right treatment.

Biotechnology laboratory

Our laboratory is the only place in Central Europe where it will be possible to produce rapid diagnostic tests of various types – strip tests, immunochromatography and immunofluorescence tests.

Herpesvirus infection in horse

Herpesviruses, causes of severe infections in horses. The test can be performed by veterinarians and breeders without the use of specialized equipment.

Hookworm in dogs

One of the most common endoparasites in dogs – hookworm. Hookworm infection poses a threat to the health and life of puppies, but is also dangerous to humans. A quick diagnostic test gives the result after several minutes and does not require delivering samples to the laboratory.

Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome

A wide range of PRRSV strains (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome). It is currently the most dangerous disease of pigs, causing huge losses for breeders.

Feline coronaviruses

Test for the diagnosis of feline coronaviruses developed by our team will differentiate the types of coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2.

VHS and IHN viruses of salmonids

Serious viral diseases of salmonids: viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) and infectious haematopoietic necrosis (IHN). Early diagnosis enables rapid intervention, lowers treatment costs, reduces the spread of infection and reduces grower losses.

Bees infection

Infection of bees with the sporangia Nosema ceranae, which contributes to the colony collapse disorder (CCD). The main features of this test are sensitivity, affordable price and ease of execution.

Twist - off capsules

The 1st in the world adaptation of Twist off technology to veterinary pet products. The unique formula of the twist-off capsules is considered by veterinarians and caregivers to be the friendliest form of supplementation.


Our Expert’s video materials.

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Veterinary life

For 5 years we have been publishing the scientific magazine Veterinary Life to share our specialist knowledge with veterinarians around the world.

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